Team Registrations include

(price in $CAD)

  • Lodging for Friday & Saturday night
    (2 units/team – 2 coaches/unit)
  • 6 games of Blood Bowl over 2 days.
  • Amorical After Hours (saturday night gaming event)
  • 4 Custom d6 (2 pairs) per coach
  • 3 Custom resin miniatures per coach
  • 4 Custom Beer Cap token/skill marker per coach

We have enough room for 36 teams!

There is already more interest than space available...
Please book ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Registered means paid and confirmed.
Pending are teams who have been in frequent communication and confirmed their intention to attend, perhaps choosing to book travel first.
Maybe's are interested but generally have not committed funds in any manner towards attending yet.

We’ve had enough questions about individuals and teams needing the odd additional member, so we’ve put together a list for mercenaries so they are get in touch with each other.  If you want to be added to the mercenaries list – please email and include your name, country and email address.
Check out our Amorical 2520 Mercenaries list here.  You can use this to contact other coaches trying to form a team and see if you are compatible.