Team Registrations include

(price in $CAD)

  • Lodging for Friday & Saturday night
    (2 units/team – 2 coaches/unit)
  • 6 games of Blood Bowl over 2 days.
  • Amorical After Hours (saturday night gaming event)
  • 4 Custom d6 (2 pairs) per coach
  • 3 Custom resin miniatures per coach
  • 4 Custom Beer Cap token/skill marker per coach
We may consider allowing individuals to sign up and make teams with them, but our preference is for squads to register.
Please be aware that we will not look seriously at this until much later (if at all) during the registration period. If you desire to attend the best course of action is forming a squad.
#Team NameNAF Coaches
1The Tragically Hit Amorical Cup 2017 Championsnatsirtdm / stimme / genghis / doomington
2Strange Brewhammer16 / grant85 / tlawson / kikurasis
3Northern Killersbilbon007 / bellowthunderslam / hathi91 / samt2806
4Waterlosersiniq / SheepNine / catleesi / Bloodbombers